“The GWRRA Way”


"GWRRA is not a motorcycle club.” We have all heard it, haven’t we? But, just what does it mean?
Simply put, it means that our Association doesn’t function in the same organizational and procedural format that “clubs” do. That is, we don’t elect anyone to any position by running candidates against each other and having the membership vote on them. We don’t choose our Officers with popularity contests. We don’t impose our wishes on others. We select, not elect. Clubs usually are local in scope. Chapters are national or international and tied to a single organization. We don’t have long and heated debates, make motions, second motions, call for votes or go into long, detailed reports in our chapter gatherings. We don’t need uniforms, people giving us rules to obey, or exorbitant fees or dues. In other words, a GWRRA chapter gathering is not presided over by a “president” and conducted according to Roberts’ Rules of Order or the parliamentary procedure process. Many “clubs” use that format in their meetings. We don’t say that we are better than clubs, we are just different. Some people like the club format of operation. This is all well and good. Those folks should be encouraged to attend and participate where they are the most comfortable. We think when they “try it”(our format!), “they’ll like it.” The GWRRA chapter format of operation is more flexible than a club format. A GWRRA chapter is not a “club,” either in its organizational structure or its operational format. It is PART of something bigger than itself. Sometimes, less-informed chapter participants will try to lead the chapter into the “club” format of operation. It’s the responsibility of GWRRA Officers to work together to retain the non-political, non-club environment in the chapter. If this becomes a problem, other members of the Operations Team will be able to assist you.


A CLUB usually consists of: 1. Self-governing and regulated body of local individuals 2. Monthly dues 3. Political officers and events, campaigns, voting, etc. 4. Popularity contests decide outcomes 5. Individual’s qualifications may not be important in holding office 6. Attempts to maintain control and build “empires” 7. Many personality conflicts 8. “Bosses” and the potential for power struggles 9. Majority rules - 49% disagreement 100% of the time 10. Funding and disbursement disagreements 11. Seldom clear “directions” and goals” 12. Non-educational 13. Everything must be VOTED upon   A GWRRA CHAPTER usually consists of: 1. Officers selected and appointed based upon qualifications and desire 2. Continuing Officer development and training 3. Regular Operations seminars and meetings to establish new concepts 4. Officers are volunteers 5. Members wants and needs are the only guiding forces 6. Gatherings with purposes - dissemination of valuable information, fun, education 7. Common purposes - no popularity contests 8. Decisions based upon Member response and input from staff and committees 9. Limited financial goals and maximum stability - all Officers have corporate liability insurance 10. Members participate as they choose 11. Members are WELCOMED by all chapters 12. No additional dues or fees at the chapter, district or region level 13. Full-time Rider Education Division with trained professionals and rewarding programs