Couple of the Year

Bill & Betty Hisey

 Couple of the Year Program Overview

 History and Purpose
GWRRA’s Couple of the Year Program was instituted in 1988 as a successor to our nine-year tradition of selecting a Wing Ding Queen to serve as ambassador for our association. A program which began as a way to honor couples at the local level, and to select enthusiastic duos to serve as ambassadors and spokespersons for GWRRA, has evolved into a useful tool for identifying and helping prepare couples for leadership positions within the organization.      
The Couple of the Year Program has two purposes:
First and foremost, the program provides an opportunity for local Chapters to recognize and honor a couple each year for their dedication, accomplishments and participation within the Chapter. Secondly, it establishes a process for identifying outstanding couples who can serve their Districts, Regions, and ultimately the International GWRRA organization as ambassadors and spokespersons.
Chapter Level Responsibilities
The Couple of the Year can be a tremendous help to the Director and Team. The Couple’s strong points should be emphasized and abilities utilized. They should always be included in media events and should be promoted as the typical GWRRA couple. Some possible responsibilities include:
  •  Assist Membership Enhancement Coordinator and/or Public Relations Coordinator with media events, charity events, etc.
  •  Speaking at non-GWRRA events/clubs about GWRRA.*
  •  Present Couple of the Year seminars at rallies, workshops, and other events.
  •  Assist in promoting District/Region/International events.
  •  At rallies serve as greeters, work the information or GWRRA “goodie” table, handle 50/50 sales, talent show judging, etc.
  •  Maintain contact with other Couples of the Year in your “class” providing encouragement and guidance.
  •  Participate in rallies, winter events, Chapter kick-offs, and other Chapter events whenever possible.
  • Serve as a mentor to Couples of the Year who follow.
  •  Write articles for the newsletter or for Wing World